Award-winning climate & environmental risk management systems for agri-lenders and outgrower produce buyers

What we do

F3 Life provides tools to agri-lenders and outgrower produce buyers for the development of sustainable and climate-smart farming systems by their credit clients or contract farmers.

Are you an agri-lender?

F3 Life  systems help agri-lenders manage the climate and environmental risk associated with their smallholder lending portfolios, for improved profitability and to meet climate disclosure and risk mitigation requirements

Are you a produce buyer?

F3 Life help outgrowers produce buyers manage the climate and environmental risk of their smallholder supply chains for improved profitability, sustainability and enhanced wellbeing of outgrower farmers

Are you a fund?

F3 Life helps funds develop investments with both defined financial and environmental or climate returns, creating a pipeline of investments to match your investment mandate

F3 Life Tools

F3 Life provides:

Sustainable and Climate-Smart Land Management System Designs

We provide off-the-peg climate-smart or sustainable land-management requirements for inclusion as terms in credit agreements or produce purchase agreements, which specify the land-management measures that farmers should implement in order to increase their productivity, climate resilience and reduce their credit default risk.

Environmental impact monitoring and reporting

We provide a low cost and highly-effective monitoring system which allows agri-lenders or outgrower produce buyers to ascertain farmers are in compliance with the sustainable or climate-smart farming practices of their loan or produce purchase agreements, and report against defined environmental impact metrics.

Training Materials

We provide training systems for organisations which would like to include F3 Life approaches in their environmental projects. The types of organisations which use our systems include financial institutins, funds, outgrowers and environmental project developers. The systems are online and accessible anywhere.

Deal Documentation Tools

For organisations which are designing climate-smart lending or climate-smart outgrowing investments from the ground-up, we provide deal documentation to reduce investment costs.

Funding Application Content

There are currently many sources of funding to help develop climate-smart lending and outgrowing projects. Our funding application content helps this process. 

Advisory Service

If necessary, we can provide you with advisory and assistance to use the F3 Life tools to achieve your goals.

Our Clients


If you lend to farmers and would like to understand how you can use F3 Life tools to reduce your exposure to climate and environmental and climate risk as well as meet climate mitigation and disclosure requirements, please click here

Outgrower Producers

If you have smallholder farmers in your supply chain and would like to understand how you can use F3 Life tools to improve farmer sustainability/meet your client’s sustainability & climate needs, please click here


If you are a debt, equity or grant capital provider, and  invest for environmental or climate impact and woud like to undestand how you can use the F3 Life tools to meet your mandate for financial return and environmental/climate impact, please click here

Environmental Project Developers

If you create or manage environmental projects, for example as a not-for-profit or for-profit conservation organisation, and would like to use the F3 Life tools to develop sustainably-financed natural resource management projects, please click here


If you are an environmental, agricultural or financial consultant that would like to use the F3 Life tools to help your consulting clients to build sustainable agricultural, financial and environmental systems when dealing with smallholder credit clients or produce suppliers, please click here

Our Partners

F3 Life’s system of climate-smart system has been endorsed by  the members of the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance:

F3 Life was the winner of the UNDP/Mitsubishi Morgan Stanley Prize for Climate Change Finance Innovation, the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance and a SwissRe ReSource Prize. We have also been supported by the Partnership for Forests Climate-Smart Lending Platform funding, which we designed.


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