Award-winning agri-lender solution for climate-smart lending and outgrowing

Consultant Tools

We recognise that it’s frequently individuals or organisations providing consulting services which introduce their clients to new innovation and ideas. We want consultants to pick up our tools and use them to help their clients on-board approaches which are environmentally more sustainable and valuable financially.

We will train you in use of the tools and help you to build the value of your clients’ businesses.

F3 Life Consultant Tools

We help companies and financial institutions which lend to smallholders with design and implementation of climate-smart credit products, monitoring implementation of climate-smart farming and land-management practices, and using climate-smart credit scores when making credit decisions. We do this by providing the following:

Investment Design Tools

Climate-smart land management designs

We provide off-the-peg climate-smart or sustainable land management designs for inclusion in smallholder credit or offtake agreements. We make clear the land-management measures that your clients should implement in order to increase their climate resilience and reduce their credit default risk.

Financial Models

To demonstrate the benefits of our system, we provide: (1) lender/produce buyer financial projections, (2) farmer financial projections, and (3) environmental cost benefit analysis, associated with use of our tools. We build these financial models to show how adoption of the our system will (1) benefit the lender or offtaker, (2) improve farmer productivity and mitigate weather-related losses, and (3) help achieve environmental objectives.

Environmental Project Milestones

The F3 Life system helps farmers implement a step-by-step process for land-managment improvement. We set these pragmatically in a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound fashion to facilitate reporting against credible achivements.

Our system sets out precisely what these environmental project milestones are and allows you to integrate these with your own fund objectives.

Deal Documentation Tools

Term Sheets for Investors

Frequently agri-lenders and outgrowers will use our tools in order to unlock climate and environmental finance for the purpose of their lending portfolios.

We provide precedent term sheets which identify the financial and environmental terms of loans, using establised environmental metrics.

Provisions for Inclusion in Loan Agreements

We provide precedent climate-smart loan provisions for both loan agreement with farmer clients and for loan agreements with agri-lender funders.

Terms of Reference for Contractors

Climate-smart lending deals will frequently require (1) limited external advice on the inclusion of sustainable land-management agreements in loan terms and, (2) provision of advice to farmers on implementing these measures. We provide terms of reference/job descriptions for the contracting or employment of these service or expertise providers.

Impact Reporting tools

Land Mapping Tools

We provide simple and cost-effective tools for the mapping of land subject to improved land-management requirements. Mapping or locating this land is necessary for the monitoring and reporting of impact.

Sustainability Rating Systems

We use established sustainability rating systems against which users of our system can report to provide you with comparable sustainability ratings across your investment portfolio.

Impact Verification & Climate and Environmental Reporting Tools

Businesses must evidence their impact in a verifable and auditable way. Our verification and monitoring systems creates an evidence trail of your environmental impact for use by your  investors and other important stakeholders.

Training Tools

Training Materials

Underpinning the use of all these tools, we provide an online training system for back and front office staff to develop and implement climate-smart lending projects. 

Funding Tools

Funding Application Content and Links to Investors

We recognise the project development cycle faced by consultants and have a range of content for funding applications for you, in order to reduce the cost of project fund-raising with which you are helping your clients. We additionally can work with you to raise private sector investment.