Award-winning climate & environmental risk management systems for agri-lenders and outgrowers

Farmer’s Life Kenya


To prove the power of environmental management terms in loan agreements, we incorporated a small agri-lender and issued loans to smallholder farmers in Nyandarua County in Kenya. Managing its own loan book, Farmer’s Life  issued loans to 75 smallholder farmers.

96% of farmers adopted the sustainable or climate-smart farming practices required under their loan agreement, versus 20-30% in conventional smallholder agri-environmental programmes: step change in effectiveness. 

Hear from one of Farmer’s Life’s clients about his experience as a Farmer’s Life borrower. 


Credit Product

Farmers in this area were mixed farmers, many growing a cash crop as outgrowers for produce offtakers selling to both local and international markets. This was the design of the credit product for these farmers. Loan sizes and terms are appropriate to the context, but can be adapted for new situations. 



We licence our system to Greenfi (an F3 Life-related company), which works with community village savings and loan associations to include sustainable land and resource management measures in loan terms. Full information can be found here. This is a quick overview of how the system works. 


ECLOF Kenya is part of a 14-country MFI business. We have recently signed a service agreement with them to develop an initial 50 climate-smart credit clients before scaling up.